Snakes & Ladders Online Slot from Megadice

With Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom’s Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot machine, you may win up to 5,300 times your wager. This 5-reel, 10-payline desktop and mobile game has pixelated playing card icons, ladders, bananas, and a gorilla.

Wild dice symbols double winnings and accumulate in a meter to provide access to one of two board bonus games. Roll virtual dice to earn multipliers, quick rewards, and to ascend or descend the Snakes & Ladders-style board. If you reach the trail’s finish, you have the option to reactivate the whole feature.

How to Play the Megadice Snakes & Ladders Slot

A dynamic jungle soundtrack complements the retro-style video game icons. The value of colorful high card symbols is less than that of a cartoon snake, ladders, banana, and gorilla. This large ape is also the emblem of Reel Kingdom, who collaborated with Pragmatic Play to produce this game.

The sides of the reels are supported by ladders, and an animated snake rests along the top. The Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot is an odd combination of blocky symbols and cartoonish pictures, yet it nevertheless looks nice on PCs, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

The large betting range of $0.10 to $100.00 each spin should accommodate the majority of gamers. Simply click the Plus or Minus tabs on each side of the spin button to choose a wager, and then alter the amount of coins in play or coins per line to find the optimal level.

Click the ‘I’ button to reveal the paytable, which displays the payouts for each symbol and how the unique board bonus feature works. Snakes & Ladders Megadice is a 10-line game in which you win by lining up enough of the same symbol starting from the left. If feasible, wild dice serve as all symbols except the Bonus sign.

Board Bonus and Additional Bonus Functions of the Snakes & Ladders Megadice Slot

These dice contain one, two, or three dots, and depending on which appears, you get a multiplier of one, two, or three times the total gain from the spin. Dice also fill 1, 2, or 3 of the 11 segments of the snake above the reels, and when this meter is entirely filled, it activates a board bonus game in which you get 12 dice rolls on a 12×12 grid. This bonus round may also be accessed with 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols, awarding 12, 14, or 16 rolls.

The round is played similarly to Snakes & Ladders, with players rolling two dice to move a gorilla head token across the board. The token either advances to an empty space or settles on one of the following spaces:

Money Award – Adds a random multiplier of four to one hundred times the wager to the total win.

Multiplier — Multiplies all victories to date by 2x or 3x.

The gorilla’s head ascends ladders, where greater rewards await.

Snake – This is the inverse of ladders.

Banana — If you land on the banana, random cash prizes are distributed over the board.

This effect transfers the token to a random location.

You continue to roll dice until you either run out of rolls or reach the very last of the 144 spots, where there is a special payout of 1,000x your stake in addition to any other winnings from the Slot Games. You also have the opportunity to reactivate the board benefit with a single dice roll. If the outcome is anything other than a double, the game is restarted.

The board bonus guarantees a minimum win of 20 times your entire wager. If you do not claim this much, Rage Mode will send the gorilla token to the top of the board, where he will gather all reward values.

Maximum Win, Volatility, and Returns on the Snakes & Ladders Megadice Slot

Wins during the bonus round may reach a maximum of 5,300 times your wager, but the feature will then stop. Bet the maximum of 100.00 on the Snakes & Ladders Megadice slot machine to win up to $530,000.00.

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