Quick Look at Agnes’s Mission Wild Lab Slot

Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), a mathematician, has one of the most memorable lines in the Jurassic Park film series when he says, “Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” The online slot Agnes Mission Wild Lab, created by Foxium, has a feeling of reckless abandonment to scientific growth, which made us consider issues of technology, morality, if there are borders science shouldn’t cross, and who gets to define what those lines are. Also, there are a number of extras to enjoy, such as Agnes Coin Collect, Toxic Mutation, Walking Wild Lab Respins, and Agnes Mission.

Agnes Mission Wild Lab felt like a contemporary update on the Frankenstein myth. That is, letting something dangerous out into the world without first giving much thought to the consequences. Everything from artificial intelligence that views humans as a threat to applications designed to keep us browsing might fall under this category in the real world. Maybe it’s necessary to offer this concept in an obviously frightening fashion every once in a while, in the guise of a hazardous alien race like Foxium has done, to help keep humanity from snoozing its way into a willful ignorance of its own death.

Remember that Agnes Mission Wild Lab is a slot machine, not a philosophical treatise. You should know right off the bat that there are four different Return to Player (RTP) models available for this game; if you’re looking for the best one, opt for one that advertises an RTP of 96.23 percent. It’s a medium-volatile slot with a tempting maximum prize, and players can wager anywhere from 20 pence to £/€25 every played game round.

Agnes Mission Wild Lab has a standard grid of 5 reels by 3 rows by 20 paylines, with an additional reel on top where the Collect and Embryo icons can appear. There are 10 pay symbols on the main grid. These may be roughly categorized as low-paying 10-A card royals and high-paying microscopes, test tubes, security guards, scientists, and upper management. A win for five of a kind pays between three and five times the wager for the lower-paying symbols and between seven and twenty times the wager for the higher-paying symbols. Wild symbols are 1×1 and may occur on any reel; they replace all other symbols (except Scatters) and pay up to 20x the line bet for a string of five.

Agnes’s Wild Mission in the Laboratory Slots

You might be shocked by how conventional many of the elements are, given the slot’s apparent focus on cutting-edge technology. The Extra Reel, which appears on top of the regular reels, is the key to most of them. Both the Collect and Embryo symbols have a chance of appearing on the Extra Reel.

Gather Icon

The Agnes Coin icon can appear on any of the standard reels, even those housing the four jackpots. These are the Mini (valued 25x the bet), Minor (worth 100x the bet), Major (worth 500x the wager), and Grand (worth 2,000x the bet). When several Agnes Coin symbols are in view, the value of each Collect Symbol on the Extra Reel is added together.

Lab Re-Spins in the Wild While Walking

The Walking Wild Lab Respins feature is activated when an Embryo symbol lands on the Extra Reel. When activated, the Embryo turns the reel directly underneath it into a fully functional Walking Wild. As the reels spin again, Walking Wilds will advance to the left by one space. The win multiplier is increased by one up to five times if an Embryo appears on the Extra Reel. The feature concludes when the final Walking Wild lands on the leftmost reel, and the Waking Wild disappears after the subsequent spin. No Collect or Agnes Coin icons will show up during your free Walking Wild Lab Respins.

Agnes’s Task Force

The Embryo Meter will also tally any Embryo symbols that appear on the Bonus Reel. Once you’ve gathered a total of 12 Embryos, the game will switch to Agnes Mission. No Embryos are gathered in this mode, but more Walking Wilds and a higher opportunity to acquire Agnes Coins are promised. In the Walking Wild Lab Respins bonus round, at least the two reels to the right are transformed into wilds. When the Walking Wild Lab Respin segment concludes, Agnes Mission will also come to a close. While Agnes Mission’s spins do earn money, re-spins do not.

Dangerous Deviation

Finally, on any spin, the Toxic Mutation effect can activate. As the Toxic Fog spreads, it mixes up the reels and increases the chances of a payout.

Agnes’s Wild Mission: The Slot Test Results

Agnes Mission Wild Lab might have been influenced by a wide variety of films, either purposefully or unconsciously. There are echoes of films like Predator and Alien, as well as the Amazon series The Expanse. The technology in this planet is far superior to our own, but that doesn’t mean similar things couldn’t happen in our world in the future. In retrospect, it seems inevitable. Others, though, may be so paranoid or so dedicated to development that they are prepared to do anything, even if most people would be horrified at the thought of messing with a species that may destroy humanity. Specimen tampering is included, in this case with a person named Agnes. Wow, that’s a fantastic name. Having something lighthearted to lighten the mood allowed us to better appreciate the immersive gaming environment.

Disappointment set in once we figured out what Agnes Mission mode was for. Agnes Mission Wild Lab is in desperate need of a massive bonus round to put the game into hyperdrive. Agnes Mission: Wild Lab is rather hampered by the current state of affairs, since it can only serve as a less ambitious money symbol gather game among the many that currently exist. Sure, it’s for good cause, but considering how much originality went into the idea and execution of Agnes Mission Wild Lab, I can’t help but feel that throwing in one more really wild card might have sent the game into the stratosphere.

Agnes Mission Wild Lab was a nice game to review, despite the tedious repetition of being locked in Agnes Mission mode when no embryos were landing. I hope this is seen in a positive light. When Foxium’s imaginations are free to run wild, they produce games like Cossacks: The Wild Hunt. In keeping with the theme, Agnes’s Mission Wild Lab offers the chance to earn up to ten thousand times your wager. But statistics are only half of the picture, and Foxium seems to have squandered a chance to allow its gameplay innovation soar to the same heights as its aimless conceptual speculations.

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