PG SLOT identifies the Wizdom Wonders game with its Thai name as a marvelous artificial intelligence game.

However, most players refer to it as a wizard slot machine. The game’s inspiration comes from potions and magicians. There will also be numerous natural spells that augment every gift. Obtaining awards is pretty simple. Creates another game with a substantial reward pool.

This game is identical to past PGSLOT games; however, it is a novel and simple approach to win prizes. There are no paylines required for successive combination wins. The game’s primary table resembles a three-reel slot machine. However, only two rows exist. The prizes of the game are decided utilizing six books. If the pages of two books have the identical symbol, the player wins. Offers up to six simultaneous wins and the chance to create consecutive winning combinations to boost payouts. Presenting a quality slot machine game: Slots with Mayan and Aztec Treasure

Typical Reward Symbol in Wizard of the World Slot Machine Game

There are 10 standard reward symbols with varying payouts in Wizarding Slots. Each book employs a unique winning formula. Every book contains two pages. You will get paid if the same symbol appears on both pages of the same book. In addition, this game allows you to win up to six books simultaneously. For the payout rate for each symbol, the following will be used:

The reward for the red frog is 30 times the wager.

The red spider sign yields a 15-fold profit.

Poisonous mushroom tokens are twelve times as valuable.

The reward for the blue potion symbol is six times the wager.

The reward for the green potion symbol is six times the wager.

The red label’s salary rate multiplied by three

The payment rate of the purple letter sign is multiplied by three.

The payout rate for the blue lettered symbol is twice its nominal value.

The payout rate for the blue lettered symbol is twice its nominal value.

Multiplying the payout rate for green letter symbols by two.

when the book won the prize The book will be withdrawn and a fresh one will be installed in its place. This makes it feasible to win consecutively with only a one-dollar wager and one spin button.

Unique characteristics of the game Wizdom Wonders

In Wizdom Wonder, there are three unique characteristics. Each has a unique method for earning further rewards. Here are the specifics for each unique characteristic.

Special Multiplier Feature

The slot machine’s unique multiplier feature is denoted by a numbered bar at the top of the table. The multiplier ranges from 1x to 5x, with the number sliding to the right whenever a combination is produced. When the initial win is multiplied by one, subsequent wins are multiplied by two, three, four, and up to five. until the combo ends for the turn Learn about mobile slot machines that are easy, quick, and modern.

Destruction of the property of the spell upon completion. In addition, the rewarded book has vanished. Every victory triggers a spell that targets the winning book. After calculating the reward, the spell will begin to function. There are three categories of spells:

The elemental water spell will destroy all horizontal books.

All vertically-stacked books are annihilated by fire-elemental spells.

lightning elemental spell Will destroy a book in the same location and another book at random.

Randomly, each elemental spell will activate anytime a reward is granted. when the book gets thrown away Instead, a novel will be published. The game’s combo will begin again. This greatly simplifies the opportunity to win more prizes.

Bonus Features with every Victory The additional power meter will grow. When three wins occur in a single spin, the bonus round of the Mage slot machine is activated. The game screen will transform into a cauldron, at which point you’ll be able to select between eight floating bubbles. Each bubble will contain one of the rewards listed below.

According on the number of numbers in each bubble, prizes are awarded. The payout of prizes is immediate. This can range from two to thirty times your initial wager.

More bubble alternative This will increase the amount of times the following bubble can be selected. You have the option of adding either two or three bubbles.

Once the special features conclude All awards will be merged again, and the game page will return to its initial state.

So: A review of the Wizdom Wonders slot machine game for those seeking something different. Want to play a game that is both straightforward and unique? Wizdom Wonders, the newest slot machine game from PG, best meets your requirements. due to the unusual playing style Even a single game is simple to play. Permitting players to win many prizes in one spin And also can perform combos to obtain successive awards. You can play this mage-themed slot machine for free by entering PGSLOTAUTO’s DEMO MODE to learn the game’s rules and mechanics.

You can apply for membership to wager on this game or Jewels of Prosperity with real money 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the homepage of the website or LINE@.

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